10kg Quinoa Seeds – White – Red – Black – Bulk – Tri Coloured – Gluten Free – Allergy Free


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QUINOA – The Gold of the Incas

This grain, was considered more precious than gold for Andean cultures.

Quinoa are small and round seeds, about as big as Cus Cus. This kind of food is also known as a Super Food. Quinoa is rated as the most nourishing grain in the world and is considered “a complete protein” containing all 8 amino acids essential for human nutrition. The protein quality and quantity in quinoa seed is far superior to those of more common cereal grains. This Super Food is one of Nature’s only complete plant based protein sources, its low allergic, naturally gluten free and a great addition to any diet.

Quinoa is higher in lysine than wheat, and the amino acid content of quinoa seed is considered well-balanced for human and animal nutrition, similar to that of casein. Compared to rice, it has fewer carbohydrates which is a great alternative for those looking for protein rich food without the disadvantage of high carbos.

Quinoa is used to make flour, soup, breakfast cereal, and alcohol. Most quinoa is sold as whole grain that is cooked separately as rice or in combination dishes such as pilaf.

Did you know that Quinoa was one of the elements that contributed to the emergence and prosperity of important American cultures, such as the Inca Empire?

Here are a few tips for cooking quinoa.

Before Cooking

Quinoa, clean and without saponins, must be cooked as needed. Initial water temperature is essential to ensure the final texture:

•        Use cold water to start with if you wish a well-cooked, floury grain for preparations such as soups, purees, omelets, pastry “torrejas” (fritters) and beverages

•        Use hot water to obtain an intact and crisp grain, appropriate to be served riced and for desserts

However, please note there are several sorts of Quinoa, each with its own culinary characteristics. Some cook quickly, some need more water, others take longer, in which case the grain remains intact.

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