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Welcome to Quilla Foods where you can order online quality Organic and Natural foods. We bring South America to you!

We are an Australian family owned business operating since 2006. We import quality certified organic products from Bolivia where our family operate from as well as being located in Sydney NSW. We are wholesale suppliers to organic distributors and leading manufacturers in Australia for Certified Organic Quinoa, Certified Organic Raw Cacao and Conventional Chia as well as Natural Corn (Mote), Wheat (Trigo) and many other exotic products. Our product range is growing so if you are in need of anything then you can contact us.

If you are interested in us to be a wholesale supplier of these popular products at competitive prices, we can be easily reached through our contact page.

What does Quilla mean? The word  Quilla is in Quechuan, the ancient language of the Inca Empire where the English translation means the  Moon. Our Missions is to provide Australia with fresh and current stock of the best quality organic and natural food products at the most competitive price. Second to that we love to introduce to Australian’s the forgotten world of ancient Incan foods and to educate them the healthy diet of the Natural and Organic palate.